Lifestyle Cool Finds
We are more than just treats, we are about a lifestyle of health, happiness
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Because we are always turned to for information on pet care, products and more, this is where we share our cool findings in all areas of life. Most of the time they are pet related but sometimes when they are just too cool, we will share them here too. 

We are starting with a few cool products but soon we will expand to travel, activities, health and more. Please check back often.

Smart! Real Smart! Bathing Made Easier

What a smart invention! Now you don't need another hand or be in some awkward pose to hold your dog, the brush and the hose all at the same time.

Cute! Why not? Cheap enough

So you are a crazy dog lady. Who cares! These are just too cute and cheap to pass up. 5 pairs of different designs to mix things up.

Sometimes I feel he is still with me

Have you ever had this feeling that your beloved furbaby is sending his/her love from the rainbow meadow? This #1 Bestseller in it's category is an interesting read.  Some messages are given in ways that require an acute awareness.

Have a brand new car? Need a safe solution?

So you like to take your furkid everywhere but the hair is getting out of control. Or maybe you have a brand new car and want to take your pet to places in style but hate the thought of hair and scratches? Maybe consider this safe solution.

Have a front seat passenger?

No backseat barker here. 

Can you smell it? Where is it?

Sometimes they just can't hold it in. This will make sure you get it all so there will be no scent for a second urge. This double as a bed bug finder too.

Lounge & Sleep in Style

Time for a new bed? Or is your dog hogging up your couch? ​Give your furbaby their very own couch to lounge on in the living room.